About Me

Hi there 👋

I'm Chloe, I am a commercial and fashion photographer based on the beautiful coast of Devon. I travel across Devon and Cornwall taking photographs for clients; championing indie brands with ethics. 🌿

What's really important to me is that we share the same vision. Whether it be shooting your products or shooting your wedding, you want to know that you are spending your energy and hard earn money on someone who understands what you are about and how that can be portrayed through imagery.

So let me tell you what I am about.

My love affair for the outdoors began when I was 10 and we moved from Bristol to Devon. Growing up near the coast has given me a massive appreciation for the sea and countryside. Whenever I can I am out walking the coast path or taking a chilly sea dip. My passion for the outdoors translates into my work; I am most at home shooting outside in beautiful scenery, armed with my reflector and trusty Sony. I love natural lighting and natural posing. I am committed to protecting our planet, and one way I can do that is by working with indie brands and makers that create sustainably, or that are taking steps to look after the world.

With 7 years of commercial and fashion photography behind me, you can trust that I will deliver your vision to a high standard. We can sit down (or Zoom), talk through what you'd like to achieve and set out a plan.